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Hundreds of our customers have told us how much our services have changed their lives for the better.

Being able to buy a home, a car, or simply getting a YES’ instead of NO’ when applying for credit…

As you can imagine, hearing success stories from real people like you helps others feel confident about our services, and our passion lies with helping as many people as we possibly can. We strive for financial freedom and personal satisfaction for our clients, so they can live the life they always wanted!
 If we have helped you, please take a moment to fill out our testimonial form HERE

Henry S.

silhouette credit repair leaders

I have been around the internet searching for a company that is excellent and reliable. Usually i'm the type to do it on my own. When I found Repair Your Credit Inc. they gave me a safety net I can fall into. I had a great and the best time with this company and I couldn't be happier.

Edward J.

silhouette credit repair leaders

I am an older man and have troubles keeping up with the technology that's new and apparent everyday. Trying to fix my own credit was too overwhelming and I was lost. Fortunately I found Repair Your Credit Inc. and I've never had an easier time solving a problem In my life.

Vicky D.

silhouette credit repair leaders

As soon as I found Repair Your Credit I knew they could help. I have family members who told me to see what they can do for me. It was the greatest suggestion i've heard and now I'm finally stable due to RYC.

Hope R.

silhouette credit repair leaders

I'll be the first to admit I've never had good credit. Honestly I thought there was no way to get it up for how low it is. Although I found and decided to take a chance. After making an appointment over the phone they walked every step with me, what I thought impossible has really happen. Thank you RYC.

Heather L.

silhouette credit repair leaders

I never had much knowledge with credit or credit repair. Next thing I know my wedding had to be delayed because of my credit. Thankfully my friend told me about Repair Your Credit Inc. and within 90 days my credit was no longer my problem. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service I received and the wedding I was able to have.

Eric E.

silhouette credit repair leaders

Most of my life I've heard of credit scams and have had friends who also been scammed. Although I found the credit repair i need. Thanks to Repair Your Credit I can be financially balanced and more comfortable to buy things without worry.

Chase G.

silhouette credit repair leaders

Most of my life I have always been skeptical about letting others help repair my credit. I've personally tried to handle it myself but to no avail. Then a friend told me about your credit repair services and I decided to gave it a shot. I've never been so satisfied of what they accomplished and how you improved my life.

Kyle J.

silhouette credit repair leaders

I have had horrible credit for a good part of my life. At one point i thought there was no hope but i was wrong. I found Repair Your Credit and with their help and guidance i was able to pull myself out. Thank you .

Nick B.

credit repair testimonial

I have been to a few credit repair places but have had no to few results. Although when i came to RYC i found real results, in excellent time. Now I can feel free to buy without worry of my credit.

Rachel M.

Client testimonial: Credit Repair Leader

I was glad I was able to talk to a real person who held my hand through every step. The results were guaranteed, but I was extremely impressed by your work and how simple the entire process was. Thank you.


Alixandar G.

Client testimonial Alixandar Gonzales : Credit Repair Leader

I just want to thank you for the work you have done for me and my family. I might have been a little skeptical at first but you had the results I needed. I am glad my wife and I found you. There are a lot of people that are in the predicament we were in and I know that you can help. I will continue to refer you to all my friends and family

Alixandar Gonzales