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Business Financing

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Dr. Jim DiGiuseppi, CEO

Building a business takes capital.
You can use your personal funds and credit to accomplish your dreams, but why would you if you don’t have to?

Our Business Financing Builder program helps you start and grow your business without using your own funds or personal credit.

How much are you willing to risk for YOUR business?
Find out methods for achieving this, and discover how to get financing for your business, and attain the life you always wanted.

Finance your business WITHOUT risking your personal assets, lowering your personal credit score, or losing the opportunity for future opportunities.

Our Process for Business Financing

Our business financing program provide clients with an easy step-by-step system to help business owners access funding and build business credit.

We help business owners get approved for business financing and funding for their business, whether they have good or bad personal credit.

STEP ONE - Build Business Credibility:

  • We help you through an online funding application..
  • We actually reveal exactly what lenders are looking for.
  • We help you meet lending criteria.
  • We insure you will be approved for the maximum in financing.

STEP TWO – Get Approved for Financing:

During this step, your information is cross-checked against underwriting guidelines for over 2,100 finance institutions. It is a highly automated process, and can usually be done very quickly You are pre-qualified for over financing programs, including credit lines and loans.
At this point, you will have full access to:
  • Thousands of different lenders.
  • Hundreds of direct finance sources.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in general funding.
  • Full business financing for your startup or company.

STEP THREE - Access your Business Financing Reports:

Once you have been approved for business financing, we then help you begin the process of building your business credit.
Our system and our certified business financing team help you first obtain your business credit reports and DUNS number directly through our system at absolutely no cost.

 STEP FOUR - Start Getting Approved for Business Financing:

In this step, we proceed to help you get approved for new credit in your business name that reports to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies.
Once this new credit is reported you are awarded with an exceptional business credit score that we then help you leverage to get approved for even more relevant business credit.

You can also qualify for a range of services, including:

  • Merchant advanced.
  • Purchase order financing options.
  • Account receivable financing.
  • Equipment leasing / usage.
  • Auto vehicle leasing options.
  • Inventory financing services.
  • Fully unsecured credit lines.
  • Quality loans up to 12 million dollars.
  • Much, MUCH more…
By offering a large abundance of financing sources and products we give you, as a business owner, the best chance of being approved and obtaining funding for your business.

STEP FIVE – Build Your Business Credit to $50,000 or more:

In this final step, you can finally acquire your credit lines, and use them to their fullest potential.
  You can be approved for store credit at various places, such as:  
  • Staples
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Wal-Mart
  • Costco
  • BP
  • Sam’s Club
  • Dell
  • Many MANY more…
Also, you can also get approved for large, $10,000 limit credit cards with some stores and Visa / MasterCard credit cards that you can use almost anywhere. We even offer you a $50,000 guarantee that you will be approved for at least $50,000 in business credit, and this guarantee applies regardless of your personal credit condition.

Plus this $50,000 in business credit is in addition to all the other funding we help you secure.

Our system is one of the most comprehensive, step-by-step funding suites in the world today, delivering you all you need to insure you can obtain funding and business credit for your business.

Contact us today, and discover how much business credit you already qualify for!