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With our proven and tested system, you could have good credit in as little as 90 days!
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Our teams are FICO certified, and can get your credit fixed legally, quickly, and easily.
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View real examples of our disputes, error corrections, and credit report deletions.
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Is bad credit stopping you from obtaining adequate financing?
  Did you know that nearly EVERY credit report has at least one mistake on it?

Those mistakes could be preventing you from buying a home, a car, getting a bank account or even getting the job you deserve. Collection companies and credit bureaus have to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and when they don't, we are there to protect your rights!

If you are trying to buy a house or a car and your credit isn't as good as it could or should be, your low score could cost you thousands of dollars a year in higher interest payments.  Or worse, you could be denied your dream home due to a bad credit score that could be drastically improved with absolutely no risk to you.

  Our proven system is simple, but effective:

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 You pay us ONLY  $300 down  

Monthly cost ONLY $99

 There are NO completion fees.

 There are NO retainer fees.

 We always get RESULTS !

  So what unique services can we provide?

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 Remove contested items from your credit report.

 We effectively settle debt with credit companies.

 Provide credit counselling through the process.

 Offer expert coaching to prevent credit decline.

Unlock the chains of debt and credit prison

Provide our award-winning FICO services

  We strive for your financial SUCCEEss and freedom!

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We will help you learn how to establish good credit and keep it where it needs to be to buy those items you deserve.  Our staff has the experience you need to get your life on the path you want.  We help families just like yours reach their goals of home ownership, new car ownership and getting that job that will help them get back on track.

Dr. Jim DiGiuseppi, Repair Your Credit Inc., Founder & CEO

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If you are a new or established business we can get you financing with over 2000 lenders

When banks say NO we say YES!

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions, this may be the most important report you've read in a long time.That’s because, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners I've met over the past 30 years, you’re in danger of facing all of these horrific problems. Which of these all-too-common mistakes will cost you your business, peace of mind, and even your home?

Dr. Jim DiGiuseppi, CEO

Building a business takes capital.
You can use your personal funds and credit to accomplish your dreams, but why would you if you don’t have to?

Our Business Financing program helps you start and grow your business without using your own funds or personal credit.

What will you risk?

Find out methods for achieving this, and discover how to get financing for your business, and attain the life you always wanted.

Finance your business WITHOUT risking your personal assets, lowering your personal credit score, or losing the opportunity for future opportunities.

  So what makes our credit repair unique?




Work on all 3 credit reports (unlimited disputes)

Making sure creditors who looked at your credit had a right to

 Free Support

 7+ Years Experience in the Credit Repair industry

 Free Starting Credit Reports assistance

 Work with creditors (Creditor Interventions)


Making sure your debt amounts are fair and correct


 24/7 Client Portal Access


Help Beyond Credit Reports


Option to customize your credit priorities


Credit score and Results driven program


No set contract or obligation


 Unbeatable Money Back Guarantee


Cancel Service Anytime


 Your involvement required